被譽為是全維也納最好的牛排館就在麗思卡爾頓酒店的 DSTRIKT餐廳Steakhouse。強調高溫炭烤的奧地利牛肉,配上崇尚純正、雅致、簡約自然的奧地利菜餚,設在頂級酒店Ritz-Carlton Hotel,Vienna的這間牛排館,是難得高貴不貴的casual餐廳。(內含HD影音介紹)




DSTRIKT Steakhouse是麗思卡爾頓酒店內唯一的餐廳,之所以這麼獨一無二,與其特殊的經營方式有關。「我們堅持要與本地的農夫合作,同時給顧客一個沒有壓力的用餐環境。」F&B的經理Lukas Böckmann提到。


DSTRIKT Steakhouse採用乾式熟成牛肉(Dry Aged Beef),精選稀有的奧地利本地牛,熟成過程將牛肉底溫度控制於0度至 6 度、濕度 60%至 80%的空間內,令水分於空氣中自然流失,肉汁原味精華會更能濃縮於牛肉中。乾式熟成時間不能太長,他們的時間是28天。而因牛肉縮水,例如本來 16盎司的牛肉,熟成後只有 10盎司,所以乾式熟成牛排會遠比一般的牛排貴。


行政主廚Andreas mahl利用350度的高溫燒烤,炭烤出來的奧地利牛肋眼,它取自牛肋脊部位,內部軟嫩、外部有碳烤過的香氣,油花十分豐郁,油油嫩嫩的肉質中夾著Q而有勁的油筋,非常美味!當然,你也可以選擇3分(RARE)或五分(MEDIUM)或是全熟(WELL DONE)的牛排。




DSTRIKT牛排館,也特別重視細節,餐具幾乎都選自最好的品牌。如他們提供的12款牛排刀選擇,手工製的刀子是來自法國頂級刀具廠Forge de Laguiole。另外也使用奧地利最頂尖的玻璃製造的Zalto 酒杯,儘管餐廳塑造出casual的氛圍,所使用的餐具卻都是luxury的。



前菜 乾式熟成菲力塔塔Dry Aged Beef Filet Tarter -€16,0




湯品 紅甘藍菜冷湯Red Cabbage Gazpacho-€ 9.5,0



沙拉 凱薩沙拉加上炭烤沙朗Caesar Salad Grilled Sirloin -€21,0



奧地立產牛肉主菜 RIB EYE 300G-€34,0






招牌甜點奧地利起司蛋糕Dstrikt Baked Cheese Cake”



The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna relaunches Dstrikt Restaurant as a farm-to-table steakhouse for meat and local produce lovers. Guests experience an authentic local dining adventure enjoying the finest selection of Austrian meat grilled on a “Josper” charcoal grill, adding the incomparable flavor of the finest embers.


Hanging and aging the fresh beef for 28 days at the minimum about dry aged beef . But meat perfection doesn’t end here. To serve exceptional meat, temperature plays an important role. A very hot charcoal grill that cooks the meat swiftly,and It has a front door ensuring that none of the natural moisture or flavor of the meat, fish or vegetables escapes.


Homemade ketchups and steak sauces support the delicious taste of Dstrikt’s Austrian dry aged beef, which is served with tasteful side dishes prepared from local products such as sautéed young spinach with braised garlic, differently flavored fries, cheese Spaetzle or purely enjoyed with Dstrikt’s homemade bread or Joseph’s organic rye and pumpkin seed bread.


Beer from local microbreweries is another highlight adding to the ultimate Austrian dining experience at Dstrikt Steakhouse. The Hopfenkoenig beer for example, comes from the Castle Eggenberg brewery which lies in an ecologically clean area in the Austrian Alps and uses crystal pure water from its own wells for the whole brewing process.


The unique selection of wine focuses on a hand selected range of Austrian wines. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy special wines, like a great red wine from the Kollwentz vineyard poured from double magnum bottles, served by the glass that one would not get by the glass normally. The unique selection of local “eau de vie” and local premium spirits is an additional highlight and completes the overall dining experience.


Lukas Böckmann- Director of Food and Beverage at The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna

Lukas Böckmann driven by a passion for excellence, he establish the prominent position of the hotel’s restaurants and bars within the local, regional and international markets. Lukas joins the Vienna team from The Ritz-Carlton, Abama which has received numerous awards including three Michelin Stars. In his previous roles, Lukas contributed to many successes at Ritz-Carlton properties around the world including Bahrain, Dubai, and Toronto.


A native of Germany, Lukas began his career in hospitality as an apprentice in Cologne, Germany, before joining Marriott International in 2004 at Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club in Hertfordshire, UK. From 2005 to 2007, Lukas pursued his studies in International Hospitality Management in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, and earned his Bachelor’s degree with honors. In 2010, Lukas joined The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company as Restaurant & Beverage Manager at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain Hotel and Spa. During this role, Lukas assisted in opening The Ritz-Carlton Dubai, International Financial Centre, The Ritz-Carlton, Abu Dhabi, and The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty.


Andreas Mahl -Executive Chef

Chef Andreas Mahl further heightening the authentic local dining adventure at recently re-launched Dstrikt Steakhouse. Mahl response for the management of the luxury hotel’s culinary team and will oversee all hotel culinary operations, including Dstrikt Steakhouse, Melounge Lobby Lounge & Bar, D-bar, Atmosphere Rooftop Bar, In-Room Dining, and banquets. Prior to joining The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna, Mahl held positions as executive chef at luxury hotels in the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.


A native of Austria, Mahl has lived outside Austria for more than 23 years. He began his international career with the opening of the former The Ritz-Carlton, Sydney in the early 1990s, followed by positions as executive chef in luxury hotels like the JW Marriott Bangkok or the Marriott Resort & Royal Beach Casino in St. Kitts.






我們的團隊訓練也與別人不同!譬如我會讓F&B team實際到奧地利的酒莊實習一整個月,讓他們了解如何製酒;或是看農民如何種出有機的蔬菜,這樣他們才能清楚地跟顧客解釋、讓他們吃得安心。





DSTRIKT Steakhouse Vienna牛排餐廳


地址:Schubertring 5, 1010 Wien (The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna)

Tel:+43 1 31188150  



Lunch: 12:00 am - 14:30 pm

Dinner: 18:00 pm - 22:30 pm



另需支付 10% 的服務費與政府稅


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